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Gorgeous Eyes Set

Gorgeous Eyes Set

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Applying proper eye makeup can be tricky, especially when you need a look that can smoothly transition from day to night. It can get even more confusing to keep track of what products you need, and you definitely don’t want a last-minute makeup emergency on a special night!

Thankfully, the new Max Factor Gorgeous Eyes Set is here to provide you with all the eye-defining essentials for every skin tone and every possible look –even ones that smoothly go from day-to-night!

So whether you’re looking for a smoky, sultry nighttime look or a light, fun daytime look, this collection has got you covered.

The Max Factor Gorgeous Eyes Set includes:

Masterpiece Rose Nude Palette

Provides you with eight gorgeous shimmering and matte nude eye shadows, all conveniently placed in one compact kit. You can use each one alone, mix them together or even use them for contouring –the options are endless!

Color Xpert Waterproof Liner

Further enhance your look with this easy-to-use eyeliner, featuring a soft elastic applicator that enables you to create lines as thin or thick as you’d like.

Easy-blend Kohl Eyeliner Pencil

You can also add some sexy glamour to your look with this eyeliner pencil, which is firm enough for striking definition but soft enough for a smudgy, smoky eye.

Pencil and Brush Eyebrow Pencil

Ready to finalize your look? Just grab the Pencil and Brush Eyebrow Pencil and let your eyebrows frame your face with a neat, defined and well-groomed look.

Max Factor Gorgeous Eyes Set Features:

  • All your eye makeup needs in one set

  • Allows you to create endless looks, from fun daytime looks to sultry nighttime looks

  • Allows you to create looks that transition from day to night

  • Includes:

  • Masterpiece Rose Nude Palette

  • Perfectly combined eye shadows from pale to deep neutral shades to contour your eyes in endless combinations

  • The baked formula gives more pigments for richer, intense color

  • Buildable, velvety smooth eye shadows in multi-dimensional textures (matte, shimmery and sparkly)

  • Dual-nib applicator for precision and smooth blending

  • Color Xpert Waterproof Liner

  • Features an elastic soft applicator that allows lines that are as thick or thin as you’d like

  • Waterproof and doesn’t smudge so you can be sure it’ll last from day to night!3

  • Easy-blend Kohl Eyeliner Pencil

  • Firm enough for striking definition and soft enough for a smudgy, smoky eye.

  • Pencil and Brush Eyebrow Pencil

  • Gives your eyebrows a perfectly groomed finish


1 x Color Xpert Waterproof Liner - Deep Black
1 x Easy-blend Kohl Eye Liner Pencil - Black
1 x Pencil and Brush Eyebrow Pencil - Ebony
1 x Masterpiece Rose Nude Palette - 03 Rose Nudes

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