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Sliming Patches from Luderma Firm n Wrap

Looking for a quick solution to reduce fat, cellulite, detox and loose some centimeters of your body? Then Firm and Wrap is for you.

This 1 month supply of Firm n’ Wrap sliming patches are a combination of cream and a non-woven cloth infused with gel that is produced with a specialized technology. The cream and the patches have been specifically made in order penetrate the skin and its formula is designed to provide maximum tightening, smoothening and restructuring effect in the desired place of your body. The highly active formula eliminates orange peel skin, restructures, smoothens, firms, and also drains toxins preventing cellulite from forming. It targets hips, abdomen, inner tight and arms.

Key Ingredients:

Centella Asiatica

  • Used for hundreds of years for the damaged and chapped skin
  • Anti-swelling action
  • Activated blood circulation
  • Strengthens the walls of the skin cells


  • Increases skin cells energy level and so it increases the burning of fat
  • Enhance the draining effect of extra cellular water to get rid of the excess water under the skin out

Diospyros Ebenum Bark

  • Extracted using special technologies from Madagascar
  • Astringent and tightening effect on the skin


  • Indirect purifying action as it contributes to eliminate the possible present and development of  toxins
  • Increases the blood flow instantly


  • Boosts skin firmness and tightens loose skin
  • Drains toxins and impurities
  • Reduces water retention
  • Eliminates orange peel skin
  • Restructures and firms skin
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Contains natural Ingredients
  • Easy, no effort required
  • Burns fat

How to use:

  • Cleanse the skin and rinse it with water
  • Take measurements before putting the wrap
  • Apply the patch and stretch it out with fingertips removing all air bubbles
  • Wrap the applied patch with cling film or thermal blanket
  • Leave on to activate for 30-40 minutes
  • Remove the patch
  • Remove the remaining products with cleansing milk after few minutes
  • Gently massage the Firm n' Wrap cream onto the targeted areas in even sweeping strokes

Note: Cream can be applied underneath or top of wrap, best results are achieved when applied on top.


  • 8 x Sachets of non -woven patch
  • 1x Firm n Wrap cream 200ml
  • 1 x Measuring tape
  • 1 x Schedule (allows you to track your progress)


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