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Our main drive and passion is to empower brands and connect them to our customers through our multi-platform channel: tvCommerce, eCommerce, mCommerce and social media.


We are a trusted destination for over 400 brands and more than 3000 products. As a vendor, you will tap into a new market and gain exposure to millions of potential customers in the MENA region through the only original TV shopping platform.


How do we promote your products?


Behind each and every product is a compelling and entertaining story that we can’t wait to tell.



Our popular and experienced TV presenters and expert guests simply enjoy demonstrating your products in engaging and live demonstrations on our 24/7 dedicated TV channel. With high frequency on our category segments, we ensure high viewership and exposure.



Our website features each and every product with multiple angle photos, in-depth descriptions and demonstration videos. Our specialized daily and weekly e-newsletters go out to more than 15,000 viewers with special picks, testimonials and offers. We’re very social and targeted when it comes to engaging with our fans on facebook, Instagram, Twitter, youtube and Snapchat.  



We made shopping on the go something for everyone. Shoppers can watch our live streaming TV channel and product videos, catch the latest offers and buy any product anytime, anywhere.


How would you benefit as a partner?

You don’t have to pay a thing:

  • No charges for product evaluations or air-time on citruss.

  • No costs for setting up a distribution network.

  • No shipping costs to customers.

  • No marketing costs.


We take charge:

  • We establish your brand and set up a distribution network.

  • We handle ordering, packaging and delivery, right to the customers’ doorsteps.

  • We produce and air original demonstration videos for your products in engaging shows and themed events.


It’s a win-win situation for you:

  • You get direct market access to millions of potential TV shopping buyers in the fast growing MENA region.

  • You get high frequency air-time for your product shows on our 24/7 TV channel.

  • You get quick market access through our website, smartphone App and social media.


Simply, we do the work for you while you reap the benefits of expanding your customer base and growing your brand.


We are the experts in marketing and selling these products:

KITCHEN: Appliances, bakeware, cookware & accessories.

BEAUTY: Skincare, hair care, slimming, health & fitness.

FASHION: Apparel, footwear & accessories.

JEWELRY: Watches & jewelry.

ELECTRONICS: Smartphones, gadgets & accessories.

HOME: Luggage, household cleaners, storage solutions, home decor & bedding.

KIDS: Bags, strollers, cots, gadgets & swimwear.


Want to become a partner?

Welcome on board! Simply complete the New Vendor Application Form and send it to




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